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Wealth Pyramid - DIY

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The Wealth Pyramid DIY is everything you need to turn yourself into a millionaire, build a life of freedom and never run out of money.

What do I get?

  • Community
    • Access to a community of others working to expand their Wealth Pyramid with participation from millionaires like John and David, the Debt Free Guys
  • Content
    • Self-guided videos
    • Reading material
    • Worksheets
    • Calculators
  • Assessment
    • A self-guided assessment to know where in your Wealth Pyramid building journey you're at or should start for the best chances at success
  • Tools to
    • Establish your Wealth Pyramid Foundation
      • Build an initial emergency savings
      • Do a spending analysis
      • Create a "no budget" budget
    • Create a retirement portfolio
      • Learn about investing basics
      • Take advantage of tax benefits
      • Put your retirement savings on automatic
    • Start building a real estate portfolio
      • Understand how to get ready financially
      • Be knowledgeable about the buying process
      • How to house-hack to save money
      • How to find properties
      • How to be a top-tier landlord
    • Launch a small online digital business
      • How to find what business is right for you
      • How to create your product(s)
      • How to reach your buyers
      • What you should know about the legal and tax stuff